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  Todd 02/02/2017
Nothing better than finding a more than competent shop with mechanics you can trust. Everyone that works at Auto Clinic are good people. I've found my go to auto shop. Plus, they don't mind when I bring in my Doberman for a visit.
  Perry 01/12/2017
Excellent service provided by a trusted team
  Hector 12/30/2016
Auto clinic is honest and reliable. You know when you leave there that your vehicle has been serviced correctly. The people who work there are genuine and actually care about getting the job done right. It's very refreshing knowing your not getting scammed or sold something you really do not need. Keep up the great work. You have a customer for life.
  Geralyn 12/29/2016
  Autoclinic 12/15/2016
  Hector 12/01/2016
Always pleased with the prompt service. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Bill and Franklin are great. Quality work from quality people.
  Stan/Donna 11/24/2016
It's hard to know who to trust my car with when I need help. I feel lucky that I found these folks. I now have a place I take my car with confidence every time I need car care. Never had a bad experience or heard an inflated unrealistic repair price. This has been one of those moments that became like a life-hack simply for the time saving the money savings and the ease of mind knowing I am good hands with my car. Cannot give a higher recommendation.
  Bob 11/17/2016
Your staff is very professional and great to deal with. They treat my truck with the utmost care. Thanks for all your great customer service. Bob J.
  Stephanie/Steve 10/30/2016
  Steve 10/27/2016
car running good with latest brake work done....very satisfied
  Hector 10/27/2016
Keep up the great work. Just moved into the area from the city and I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find a place that's honest and does quality work. I have 3 cars and I've had great experiences with all three. Bill, Franklin and Doreen treat you as if your family. Auto clinic customer for life.
  Kirsten 10/26/2016
Everyone at AutoClinic is great! They are very professional, respect my cars, keep me updated on the progress of repairs, and perform impeccable work. The waiting area is clean and inviting, and the cost of repairs is very fair. I highly recommend AutoClinic.
  Hector 10/13/2016
This is a great and more importantly, HONEST place!!!!! Bill, Franklin and Doreen make you feel like your family. The service is fantastic. Everything is explained to you before any work is done and the work performed is done quickly and right. Just had all brakes and rotors replaced on my wife's truck. I am a Auto clinic customer for life. Keep up the great work.
  Jeanine/Tom 10/13/2016
  Jeanine/Tom 06/16/2017
  Barbara 11/22/2018
I am so grateful to have found your shop after paying dealer service prices for many years. Bill and Franklin are always courteous and helpful, and I am completely satisfied with the service I get at AutoClinic. I know that I only receive necessary service and everything is explained clearly. Thank you!
  Amarish 09/15/2018
I have been a lifelong customer since this place was called Car Clinic. I went in for a car inspection. It failed. The Spanish guy that works there goes oh I knew it was going to fail soon as I saw the car because of the window tints. Well why didnt he say anything then? I thought he was really unprofessional, rude and doesnt care who knows it. Would a decent human being not warn a loyal customer ?
Shop Comment
Amarish sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. When it comes to NY State Inspections we follow the law. We have a big sign posted on the wall that states tinted windows must be check and will NOT pass if the windows are too dark. We serviced your vehicle for years and tried to help you out but the law is the law. We hope you understand . Thank you
  Daniel 04/28/2017
Brought in for a tune up and to have bent rims fixed . Rims still looked bent and air wasnt put in the tires or balanced. When i come to a stop the engine vibrates and rpm goes down to 500. This wasnt happening before I brought the car in. I dont want to bring it back in as I dont trust this shop with my vehicle.
Shop Comment
Mr. Cole we just called you and left you a message about you problem. We want you to be 100% satisfied. If there is a problem with the tune up we will correct it. After we tuned up the engine we test drove the vehicle and it ran PASSED the NYS Inspection so no problems were present at the time. There is a possibility that some happened...whatever it is we will fix it. About your rims since they are steel we bent them back as best as possible otherwise they would have to be replaced. We made sure the air pressure was correct and that they were balanced. Please come by and we will do our BEST to address your concerns. Thank you
  Todd/ Martha 02/09/2017
We have used Auto Clinic twice. The first time our BMW needed a new starter. They called to say the car was ready and when we arrived and drove the car all the indicator lights came on and the car was smoking. There were no signs of this prior to bringing the car in. They fixed the problem. We were less than thrilled but when our BMW had a problem with the gear shifter we gave AutoClinic another shot. It took them 2 days to diagnose the problem. They replaced the gear shifter clip (part costs 3.99) and charged us $310. Later that day, we notice the wooden console was cracked in three spots, obviously the result of it being wedged open by a screw driver. There was also a random car part in the door panel pocket. We called Autoclinic and they were unwilling to repair the damage they had obviously made to the car and didn't even care to figure out what part was left in the door. They offered a $25 credit off out next repair- very unsatisfactory since the part costs over $700 and there will not be a next time. Shame on you AutoClinic!
Shop Comment
Todd and Martha had their 328xi BMW with 129554 towed in. This time they could not get the vehicle out of park and had their towing company tow the vehicle to us. The vehicle was unlocked and the tow driver had done something to place the vehicle in neutral so the car could be removed from the tow truck. We notice that the inside of the vehicle was not the neatest. We diagnosed a broken shift bracket retainer clip that was missing from the underside of the vehicle's transmission. We suggest the proper repair of a bracket and cable but the customer refused and just wanted the clip installed. We told them that the same problem may happen again but they insisted on the least expensive repair. Martha picked up her vehicle on Thursday 02 02 2017 and was happy with the repair. We received a call from Todd stating that we broke his console on Saturday 02 04 2017 after our closing time. We called him back on Monday morning 02 06 2017 and asked what the problem was and if he could bring it by. We told him that we did not have to remove the console. Perhaps the tow drive or someone else had done it since the vehicle was not locked when we received it. We offered a $25.00 credit on any repair as good faith since we had already provide the customer with a couple of hundred discounts in the past visits. We stand behind our work and if we damage something we just replace it and not change the vehicle owner. In this case were we DID NOT remove the console we would not pay for it. The question hear is why did it take 2 days to call and notify us and why are they blaming us when we provided we good documentation along with pictures of their vehicle's repair when they came in. We hope this explains our position and we will offer to perform the labor for FREE if they purchase a used or new part just to keep the customer happy.
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